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Core Services

Corporate Structuring

Holdcos, Opcos, Reorgs, Rollovers. You’ve heard the language. We do it and we get it. More importantly, you’ll understand it.


Your contracts should make sense to you. They should say what’s needed in simple, elegant terms. In truth, some deals are complicated and require the legal stuff. We’ll help.

Employment & HR

Good management of HR is essential to your success. We draft and advise on employment contracts and policy manuals. We help navigate the minefield of human rights. We advise on severance and structure packages.

Start Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are. We’ll incorporate your company. We’ll draft your partnership or shareholder agreement. We’ll review and negotiate franchise agreements, leases, and other contracts. We’ll assist with governing registrations, filings and other issues common to start-ups.


Excited? Stressed? We’re eager to help. Properly structuring your business from the start will significantly impact the success of your business down the road. We’ll spend the time you need to ensure you have solid legal advice and business guidance to get your company up and running.

Buying | Selling a Business

Buying a business? You should understand the risks and be adequately protected. Selling a business? You have concerns, like getting paid and ensuring that any outstanding long-term obligations are considered. We provide guidance on buyout alternatives. We perform due diligence. We draft LOIs, purchase agreements, non-competes, closing docs, and more.

Angel Investing

Got wind of the next big thing? We’d love to hear about it.  No doubt, angel investing is risky. At the very least, we think you should know what it all means. Convertible notes, SAFEs, warrants, preferred vs common shares, shareholders agreements. We’re happy to assist.


Your brand is important to you. It’s one of your most important assets. It helps your customers identify you and ties directly to your reputation. It creates loyalty by differentiating your products or services from others. We think you should protect it.

Commercial Leases

It’s not the same as residential. For starters, there’s no Residential Tenancy Act to keep things fair. Have you read that 50 page monster of a contract? We’ve reviewed and drafted tons of them. We’ll digest it for you.

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Incorporating a Company?
We Make it Easy.

We Love to Hear About Your Successes.

Come visit us. Stop by for a coffee. We’d love to hear about your next big thing.


We provide our services openly. You’ll understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.


We utilize carefully considered technology to deliver value.


It has to make sense to you. We take the time to ensure you understand how we’re adding value to your business.

We Embrace Innovation.

Mindfully, cleanly, and creatively.