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How Much?

We understand. You want to know how much it costs. Wherever possible, we offer fixed flat-rates. For those services not listed, please contact us and we will work with you to achieve a reasonable rate.

Purchase plus mortgage

Purchase (no mortgage)

Sale (one mortgage)

Sale (clear title)


*Plus taxes. Totals include all professional fees, land title search and registration fees, LOTR (transparency registry), couriers, and other office expenses. Costs for strata forms, survey and / or title insurance (if required) are not included.

Additional fees of $150 apply for each of the following: new construction, rush  closings (if we have not received realtor instructions and mortgage instructions at least 5 business days before closing), non-major bank mortgages, same-day purchase and sale closings, and purchases by corporations and trusts.

These rates apply to residential conveyances in which a binding contract of purchase and sale has been entered into, prepared by a realtor or lawyer. The law is complex and there may be situations that warrant different fee arrangements. This is rare and we will openly discuss this with you to avoid surprises.

What Else?

We believe in full disclosure.

For strata properties (condos and townhomes), the cost of strata forms is extra.

In many situations, title insurance or a survey certificate is required. The cost of these can vary and are not included in our fees. In some cases, the seller has a survey certificate or it is not required.

**Don’t forget about GST (for new homes) and property transfer tax. Call us to find out if these apply.**


Reach out to our conveyancer or real estate lawyers anytime.


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